Region VII After School Programs

Site Visits

Site Visits provide for the opportunity of growth and reflection while documenting the academic and enrichment activities available in an after school program. By viewing facilities, interacting with site administration, staff and students, obtaining documentation, and observing student achievements, site visits promote the ability to:
  • Engage site administration in ASP
  • Make a personal connection with each site
  • Encourage reflection
  • Share strategies for growth
  • Share strengths of site program
  • Collect data
  • Support accountability and planning
  • Identify critical issues
  • Gain accurate information
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of the technical assistance needs
  • Schedule follow-up site visits

Site visits are prioritized by need across Region VII using the following scale:
  • 3: Highest Need - Considerable length of time since last site visit, major change(s) impacting ASP, large reduction in attendance, request for assistance from site staff, documented follow-up visit

  • 2: Moderate Need - Moderate period of time since last site visit, change in circumstances impacting ASP

  • 1: Lowest Need - No documented issues, recent site visit(s), request for site visit by site personnel

Site Visit forms that will be used in observing your program:
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