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About the Program

The History

CHOICES After School Program The CHOICES After School Program consortium began operation in the Fall 2006. It is funded by the After School Education and Safety (ASES) grant from the state of California. In December 2006, three pilot sites were opened and by May 2007, 15 additional schools joined the consortium. Today, the consortium has evolved into a team of 34 schools.

The Purpose

One of the primary functions of after school programs in California is to help close the achievement gap by providing students with consistent academic support that is aligned to the regular school day. We believe that in order to support students' academic progress, we must offer a well-rounded and balanced program. Our lessons and activities are created with consideration to our students' intellectual and academic interests; social, emotional and character development; need for creativity and imagination; and, physical activity.

A second function of the after school program is to promote student safety. Studies have shown significant spikes in juvenile crime and risky behavior during after school hours. Offering a safe environment after school provides students with an opportunity they may not have otherwise.

The Program

CHOICES offers programming to K-8* students every school day, Monday through Friday. The program begins immediately upon the conclusion of the regular day and until at least 6:00 p.m. Students are expected to attend daily.

CHOICES After School Programs are only offered at schools that have met the requirements set forth by the California Department of Education and have joined the CHOICES After School Program consortium.

CHOICES sites are implementing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) during the academic portion of the program. STEAM lessons are aligned to California State Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the California Content Standards in Visual and Performing Arts. Lessons are hands-on, engaging, and fun! During STEAM, students use the 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking to explore problems, develop solutions, and stretch the limits of their own imaginations.

* NOTE: Each program is assigned an enrollment cap, based upon funding. We do our best to ensure all grade levels are enrolled; however, enrollment is impacted by assessing which grade levels at a school site are in most need for academic support. Therefore, classes for kindergarten are not available at some schools. Where applicable, ninth grade may also be included.

Daily Schedule (transition time not included)
20 minutes - Snack time
45 minutes - Homework assistance
45 minutes - Physical fitness/ sports (Pursuing Victory With Honor)
40 minutes - Math and Language Literacy
60 minutes - Academic Based Enrichment

Prevention Education is offered 30-60 minutes once per week and, at some locations, is offered daily.

CHOICES After School Program

The Impact and Leadership Composition
  • Every student who participates in the program - every day for the entire program - receives additional support equivalent to an additional 91 days of instruction.
  • ASES funding has generated many job opportunities and valuable resources to students in Tulare County.
  • Students gain when they receive 15-20 hours per week developing essential life skills needed for their long-term learning benefit.
  • Students experience positive interaction every day after school versus 25+ hours of empty television viewing.
  • On-going staff development continues to build the capacity of staff as leaders and educators in an emerging field.

For more information, contact Yareli Magana at ymagana@tcoe.org or call (559) 651-0155.

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