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Visit ERS online at or call 651-3031 for more information on how to access our resources.

Through the Media Plus Contract, Educational Resource Services offers a wide range of instructional resources. The ERS Teacher Resource Center aids teachers in curriculum planning and presentation. In addition, ERSPortal gives you access to a spectrum of online resources:

  • L4U online booking system allows clients to search the entire 80,000+ ERS collection by subject, phrase or keyword.
  • Standards Resource Guide aligns resources from the ERS online catalog and websites to the California State Standards.
  • Discovery Education and Learn 360 are two digital video-based learning services containing a combined total of over 12,000 videos (80,000 clips) and image databases that are correlated to the common core standards.
  • ABC CLIO provides the history buff with four exceptional multimedia research databases in American Government, American History, Modern World History and Ancient World History.
  • Marshall Cavendish, a source of comprehensive, accessible, and reliable information in a convenient digital format, offering a fully citable and authoritative alternative to the often unchecked and uncertain offerings of a general Web search.
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