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Stephanie Verners

Staff Development & Curriculum Specialist
- Mathematics

Stephanie Verners Partnering with administration and teachers, together we narrow the achievement gap and provide an equitable math experience for all students. From her varied experiences, Stephanie is able to provide a unique role in serving educators to achieve this goal.

Currently, Stephanie is in her fourth year as a Mathematics Staff Development & Curriculum Specialist for Tulare County Office of Education. In her role, she work with several local districts to create a system for district-wide CCSSM implementation, supporting teachers in the classroom and providing on-going professional development at the county office and in the field.

Thoroughly understanding the experiences and complexities of a teacher’s role stems from Stephanie’s roots in the classroom. She began her career as a middle school mathematics teacher, and served on the district mathematics vertical team. Focused on creating college and career ready learners, she served as A.V.I.D. Coordinator and facilitated summer A.V.I.D. Institutes. Joining Fresno County Office of Education as a mathematics coach, Stephanie was able to support a greater number of local educators in implementing strategies and skills that provide quality instruction in mathematics.

In addition, Stephanie successfully led as an elementary site administrator. During her tenure, she supported staff in making the shift to common core state standards. Always eager to share her knowledge and experiences, Stephanie joined on as instructor for the Madera County Office of Education-Bridges to Leadership Program, supporting and encouraging educators as they work toward earning their administrative credentials. Stephanie’s optimistic personality is immediately recognized by others. Always willing to present ideas, she has spoken at various conferences including the California Mathematics Council-South, and co-presented twice at National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Being an encouraging lead comes naturally to Stephanie who also serves as an Improvement Specialist for Central Valley Networked Improvement Community (CVNIC), and California Mathematics Council- Central Secretary.

Stephanie Verners
(559) 651-3548. ext.3336

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