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Typical Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Many children who enter Kindergarten:
  • show interest in books and reading

  • can tell and retell familiar stories

  • know some songs and rhymes

  • can identify some letters (especially those in his/her name)

  • use 5-10 word complete sentences

  • identify colors, shapes, and numbers 1-10

  • can say and sing the alphabet

  • can recognize and write their name

  • can put together simple puzzles

  • ask questions about the world around them

  • express ideas with drawings

  • can use crayons, pencil, scissors, glue appropriately

  • can walk in a straight line, throw a ball, hop, jump, run

  • are willing to try to complete a task

  • understand and follow rules and two step directions

  • can sit for short periods of time

  • communicate their personal needs

  • are independent in their personal care

  • will share, play and cooperate with others

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