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Tulare County Early Stars - for Parents

Early Stars helps you choose preschools and childcare for your young children by providing a star rating that is easy to understand.

Quality Matters

Numerous studies show that when children receive high quality care and education during their first five years of life, they are more ready for school, they are better readers, and they are more likely to graduate from high school. These are realities that concern every child, every family and every member of our community.

Tulare County Early Stars

How we determine quality and assign stars

Early care providers and educators who are rated by Early Stars are committed to quality. Early Stars assesses them and provides a star rating based on quality elements that include the following:

Ratios and group size

More teachers and smaller group sizes help staff spend more quality, engaged time with individual children.

Learning activities

Daily learning activities support each child's interests, growth, and development, as well as culture and home language.


The setting allows children to learn and develop to their fullest potential. This includes high interest activities, safety, and staff interactions with children in a safe and healthy environment.

Health and child development

A child's overall well-being is supported. This includes his or her physical growth, as well as ability to learn and get along with others.

Staff training and education

Directors and teachers are trained in child development and early learning. Some have college units or college degrees.

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Early Stars Quality Rating and Improvement System
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