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Tulare County History Day Information for Primary Sources

Are you a Primary Source? Take this test to find out.
  • Have you lived through an historic event?
  • Are you willing to tell your story?
Tulare County students are going to be looking for people to interview about any number of topics. The reason is History Day. They are working on a project. The theme is Conflict and Compromise in History.

You may have lived in Tulare County all your life and remember the way it was. You may have come from somewhere far away where things were very different. Share your stories with your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It may just spark an idea for a project they can do.

You may not think your experience is spectacular, but you lived during a time your children have never known. They will know it best if they can see it through your eyes. Talk to them. Give them the gift of history.

Teachers around Tulare County are also asking for primary resources. If you would be willing to share your story with classrooms, teachers, or individual students, please contact Gay Atmajian at (559) 651-3350.

If you know someone that you think is interesting, please e-mail Gay Atmajian at Their story, or yours, might just make an exciting National History Day - Tulare County project.

For more information, please contact Gay Atmajian at or call (559) 651-3350, or Paula Terrill at or call (559) 651-0565.

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