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I know this email is a bit odd and out of the blue, but pray you can forgive that. I have 3 sisters and a mom who taught elementary school. I've seen them invest so much of themselves emotionally and often times financially for the kids they teach. It is such a critical, yet laregely thankless job. I saw that with my mother and sisters. I just wanted to say that I am very grateful for all you and your staff sacrifice to teach the children of your community. The consequences - positive or negative - are delayed, but I really think the excellent work you all do is the only hope the world has - especially as it seems the world gets more and more out of balance.

Anyways, just wanted to express my appreciation, such as it is.

In kindness,

~ Leah

I hope all has been well with the school and cadets! I just had to share this wonderful act of kindness I just witnessed. I noticed a La Sierra uniform go into Rescued Treasures tonight and ask a clerk where the blankets were. I heard him tell the clerk he was from La Sierra Military Academy.

As I was getting into my car, I watched as he took the blanket he had purchased and covered a homeless woman standing outside of the store. He then reached in his pocket and gave her some cash, as well.

He simply and nonchalantly went on his way. I tried to snap a quick pic without being too obvious, but it was absolutely sweet and a wonderful moment! Keep up the good work, La Sierra team! These cadets are making a difference!

~ Amanda

Thank you for taking me under your wing this past year and guiding me through the rigors of work as a principal. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and experience the passion and dedication you have for your staff and the students at LSMA.

I learned a great deal about dedication, commitment and caring from you. I know that your students come first and I repeatedly observed your deep commitment to their success. In addition, you sincerely care about the well-being and professional growth of your staff. You have a great group of individuals at La Sierra.

Please accept my deepest gratitude and appreciation for influencing my professional growth in a positive way. The items inside this box are an outward expression of my thanks!


~ Debra

I was driving to work this morning and noticed four boys on the corner of Houston and the light at the school. With all the 'stuff' going on with the flag and people stomping on it and football players sitting during the National Anthem, these boys blew me away.

The school had started their salutes and these four boys were on the corner, not rushing to get to school because they were late, but instead stopped and saluted from the corner. I was very impressed and wanted to give a shout-out to the school and the teachers for a job well done.

It's nice to see the teachings of our students and how they are to be disciplined, and respect and honor our flag and our country. I wish there were more teachers out there teaching our kids (as a mother of three trying to instill these attributes within my kids) how to be respectful and to honor the country that has given them the freedoms they have.

I was very impressed with these four boys and the teachers that have instilled these attributes within them. It was a blessing to see this. I wish I knew their names, as they should be recognized for their respect.

Thank you.

~ Tammie, a proud parent and citizen

Thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful jobs you do with your students. The impact is noticeable. I have heard several young people talk about how La Sierra transforms them. They talk about how their attitudes have changed and how they started to care about getting good grades and planning for their futures.

Keep up the good work. We know how hard you all work and that what you do makes a difference.

Please accept our donation of $800 to help La Sierra with anything you might need to support your students.

~ anonymous

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