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Welcome to Leadership Support Services

Leadership Support Services logo In 2013, with the state legislature’s passage of the Local Control Funding Formula, California embarked on a bold new funding model for its public schools. This new model requires us to shift our thinking from the traditional compliance model to one of empowerment, starting with local community involvement and based on performance, improvement, and equity among districts and students. In return for a more equitable distribution of funds, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are required to complete Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs), which strategically outline the goals and actions for improving students’ education as measured by conditions of learning, pupil achievement, and climate within schools and districts.

Leadership Support Services is committed to working alongside districts and schools within a continuous improvement framework in order to:

  • Understand local strengths and challenges within Tulare County districts and schools
  • Build mutual capacity to produce measurable gains in student learning and achievement across the eight state priority areas
  • Foster opportunities for effective and systematic collaboration among Tulare County education leaders
  • Promote measurement of the effectiveness of school and district systems to identify equity gaps and align and prioritize resources

Additional services provided by the department include:

  • Foundational Support for ALL LEAs to provide resources and tools in order to improve student performance and narrow disparities among student groups
  • Individually Designed Differentiated Assistance determined by performance on the Dashboard to include facilitation of the identification of the LEA's strengths and challenges utilizing a continuous improvement model in order to address identified performance issues and disparities among student groups

Leadership Support Services Brochure

Please contact us if we can assist your school or district with questions about the LCAP. Visit our resources page for additional information and support.

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Leadership Support Services
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