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SCICON / Fresno Pacific University
Teacher Credentialing Program

SCICON and Fresno Pacific University have joined to make possible a teaching credential option for individuals participating in the Outdoor Education Internship at SCICON. Individuals who are planning careers in public education can now complete seven units of the credentialing program while participating in the SCICON Outdoor Education Internship. Credit can be earned for experiences in curriculum development, instructional planning, student management, and science education while at SCICON.

In addition to the duties and experiences of the normal SCICON internship, the following will be required:

  • Early arrival for classroom observation and enrollment at Fresno Pacific University
  • Textbook readings and response papers
  • Occasional weekend class sessions
  • Successful passage of required California Teaching Commission Exams (i.e., CBEST, MSAT, etc.)
Additional qualifications are:
  • B.S. or B.A. with a minimum 2.75 G.P.A.
  • Ability to do scholarly work
  • Official transcripts to be received
  • Concurrent enrollment at Fresno Pacific University. Seven units can be applied towards the California Multiple Subject (typically elementary grades) or Single Subject (typically secondary level) Credential Program at Fresno Pacific University. The full credentialing program consists of 31 units and will require coursework the year following the SCICON internship. There is the possibility of full-time paid classroom teaching internships for individuals as they complete their credential coursework. Successful SCICON interns are highly sought after in schools throughout Tulare County.
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SCICON/Fresno Pacific University Credentialing Program

YEAR ONE (while at SCICON)
  • Educ 611 Initial Student Teaching (2 units); includes one week intensive classroom observation
  • Educ 612 Teaching Science (2 units)
  • Educ 616 Curriculum & Planning (3 units)
YEAR TWO (can be completed as a paid classroom teacher* or in a more traditional university setting)

(Fall Semester)
  • Educ 668 Independent Teaching (6 units)
  • Educ 614 Teaching Elementary Math (3 units)

(Spring Semester)
  • Educ 668 Independent Teaching (6 units)
  • Educ 656 Teaching Reading/Writing (4 units)
  • Educ 659 Curriculum (1 unit)

  • Educ 600 Foundations of Education (4)
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Year One Fees: Tuition $1589; Application Fee $75, Certificate of Clearance $86, CBEST $45, and MSAT $185, for a total of $1980. Application fee will be required in October of year one. Tuition payments can be made through arranged payments. CBEST and MSAT exams must be successfully completed before the end of year one.

Year Two Fees: Tuition will be charged at $390 per unit. *Interns who successfully complete year one are likely to be employed as teaching interns by local school districts at a beginning yearly teacher salary schedule ($30,000-$34,000 plus benefits). Room/board and living expenses for the following summer and year two are the responsibility of the intern. Fresno Pacific University is Christian Liberal Arts University fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

For more information on this outdoor education/credential option, contact Dianne Shew, SCICON Administrator, at (559) 539-2642 or Karen Neufeld, Ed.D., Professor of Teacher Education, Fresno Pacific University at (559) 453-2006.

Read about interns that have completed this program.

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