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Special Medical Conditions

Students with almost any medical condition have been able to attend the week-long SCICON program. Students with heart conditions, cancer, seizure disorders, diabetes, severe asthma, severe allergies, severe bed-wetting and physical disabilities are continually successful at SCICON. Of course, pre-planning is important. First, talk with your child's classroom teacher to get an overall picture of the program and activities at SCICON. Secondly, discuss the trip with your child's physician. Have the physician complete Section II of the SCICON Student Registration Form. This will provide required written physician instructions for medications, special instructions or limitations (if necessary). Next, contact Annie Sciacca, R.N., the SCICON Nurse, at (559) 539-4007 or e-mail her using the address below. Advance notice will give her time to plan and prepare for your child's stay. She will be happy to discuss the specifics of the program, schedule, housing and facilities in relation to your child.

Due to the complex nature of the SCICON Campus, the SCICON Nurse is required to be available during the week for immediate response to all students. Special procedures for students may require the school/district provide the necessary staff to fulfill those needs or special nighttime issues when assistance is needed.

You may e-mail your questions to the SCICON nurse, Annie Sciacca, R.N.

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