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Students with Physical Limitations

Wheelchairs, crutches or any physical limitation should not hinder a student from being successful at SCICON. SCICON has a cabin (Bear Creek Cabin) that is totally wheelchair accessible, including handicapped-accessible restrooms, toilets and showers. Many of the trails at SCICON are on mostly level ground and can be navigated by students in wheelchairs with little or no assistance from attending adults.

Once again, advance planning is the key to helping your child have a successful week. First, discuss the trip with your child's teacher. The teacher can describe the general program, schedule and activities at SCICON. Also, the teacher is familiar with your child and their abilities or limitations. Secondly, contact the SCICON Health Center at (559) 539-4007. The SCICON Nurse can discuss with you in more detail the facilities and activities here at SCICON. She can also reserve the Bear Creek Cabin and make arrangements for your child to be scheduled on trails that fall within his/her ability. Finally, if this is a condition for which your child regularly sees a physician, have the physician complete Section II of the SCICON Student Registration Form. This will provide the required written physician instructions for medications, special instructions or limitations (if needed).

Special Note: When use of Bear Creek Cabin is required due to a physical limitation, the student does not stay there alone! Along with the student are eight to nine other sixth-grade students, as well as the high school cabin counselor and any attending adults (e.g., aides, family member, etc.) provided by the child's school or family. The children do not feel that they are in a "handicapped" facility. As far as they are concerned, they have the best cabin at SCICON!

You may e-mail your questions to the SCICON nurse, Annie Sciacca, R.N.

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