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Tulare County Regional Science Olympiad

Division A Rules

Multiple Teams
Up to three (3) teams from the same school can compete at the Tulare County Division A Regional Tournament. Each team is considered a separate team of up to 16 students. National rules state that "each team must have a separate coach and a separate paid membership." The decision to allow more than three teams from a school site to participate in the regional tournament is at the discretion of the regional director.

Team Structure
Each registered team submits the Official Team list of up to 16 team members to the regional director prior to the start of the Tulare County Regional Tournament. The team is to be comprised of students in grades 3 through 6 from a single school site. A maximum of seven (7) sixth graders are allowed within the team of 16 students. Students can compete on only one team. The list must include signatures from the coach and principal. Students that are on a team will wear a wristband which will allow them access to the events.

Invited Teams
The philosophy at the Tulare County Office of Education, as well as the Regional, State, and National Science Olympiad organization, is the advancement of science education and to provide opportunities for learning science skills, knowledge and the science process for ALL students. The Science Olympiad program is governed by National, State, and Regional guidelines. There are three divisions: A (elementary), B (middle school), and C (high school). Certain regional guidelines are established and regulated by Regional Directors and a State Director. In an effort to support and expand the Science Olympiad program, the Regional Directors made the decision to welcome schools from outside the specific regional geographical areas. These schools do not have an established Science Olympiad program, inviting them provides them the same opportunity to participate as students in our regions. "Invited teams" compete equally with the local teams, which mean they are eligible to receive medals and trophies.

Device Impound
Only team members can impound a device. The team member(s) does NOT need to be the student participating in the individual event.

Scoring Procedures
The scoring formula for each event is as follows: 1st place = 11 points, 2nd place = 10 points, etc. If there is no tiebreaker, or teams are still tied with a tiebreaker, then the teams receive the same score and award, if applicable, for that event. Every team which participates in an event under the guidelines for that event will receive at least one (1) event point. After all event points have been awarded, they are added, and the team with the highest number of event points is the first-place overall winner; the team with the second highest number of event points is the second-place overall winner, and so forth. If teams are tied for overall points, then the number of gold medals won (then silver, and bronze) determines the overall team award winner.

Example: Two teams score the same in an event with or without a tiebreaker and are in first place in that event. Both teams receive 11 points and are given gold medals. The next highest scoring team is in third place with a bronze medal and 9 points. There would be no second place team in that event.

Awards at the Tulare County Division A Regional Tournament will remain as follows:
  • First Place ~ Gold Medal with Blue Ribbon
  • Second Place ~ Silver Medal with Red Ribbon
  • Third Place ~ Bronze Medal with White Ribbon
  • Fourth Place ~ Bronze Medal with Yellow Ribbon
  • Fifth Place ~ Bronze Medal with Green Ribbon
The first, second, and third place overall team winners will receive a plaque.

Posting Scores
Scores or best times will NOT be posted at the Tulare County Division A Regional Tournament.

Final Score Appeal Process
The final team scores will be available to each team coach upon completion of the awards ceremony. Team coaches will be given 20 minutes after receipt of overall team scores to appeal any scoring error. Event Supervisor judgment calls are not subject to review.

An Arbitration Board, made up of the Regional Director and his/her support staff, will be available throughout the day to assist with issues that may arise. Individual event appeal forms will be available at the scoring room. A team coach must complete the form and submit it to an arbitration board member or deliver it to the scoring room. Please keep in mind that the Tulare County Science Olympiad tournament is designed to "turn kids on" to science, not turn them away, yet respect the needs of the Event Supervisor to provide a fair experience and a quality event.

Disqualifications (DQs)
A team that is "DQ'ed" will still receive one (1) point for participation.

If an event is DQ'ed, it is up to the arbitration team to decide if awards are given for the event. Team points will not be given for a DQ'ed event.

Each team will be assigned events and must provide an event supervisor and all assistants for each assigned event. If a team is unable to provide supervisors and assistants, then the event will be cancelled.

Device Authentication
See official team list.

Team fees for Tulare County Division A Regional Tournament
2015 team fees are $100.

Tulare County Division A Regional Tournament
The host site is El Diamante High School in Visalia, California.