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Behavioral Health Services
400 W. Visalia Rd., Suite B, Farmersville 93223
(559) 747-0115

Jennifer Newell, Psy.D.
Director, Behavioral Health Services
(559) 737-6710, Ext. 6938

Behavioral Health services are provided to the 43 direct service school districts and to TCOE programs for students with an emotional disturbance who are currently covered by an IEP and whose behavioral health issue may be impeding their opportunity to receive an appropriate education. TCOE behavioral health clinicians, case managers, and behavioral intervention specialists focus on assisting students, their families and district personnel with student behavioral health issues and assessment. Comprehensive services are delivered in an integrated and collaborative manner that is designed to engage students, their families, and school personnel.

Important elements of the Behavioral Health services include:
  • ongoing, continuous training for staff on methods of dealing with problem behaviors
  • individual support for students
  • parent education programs and support
  • behavior intervention services
  • identifying and addressing issues that may impede the student's academic success/achievement
  • behavioral health and functional behavioral assessment of students, when needed, to determine the existence or severity of behavioral health issues
  • psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • Thearapeutic Behavior Services (TBS), when appropriate
  • comprehensive, integrated, and collaborative approach that includes the student, school, parents and other family members
  • programs designed to foster a positive school environment that allows students to thrive in spite of challenges they may be facing
The Tulare County Office of Education, Special Services Division is noted for a pragmatic approach to utilizing the training and experience of each of its staff members.

The office also employs behavior specialists to assist districts and programs with students who have behavior issues of a severe nature.

Tulare County Office of Education
Special Services Division
2637 West Burrel, P.O. Box 5091, Visalia, CA 93278-5091

Tammy Bradford, Assistant Superintendent
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Jim Vidak, County Superintendent of Schools
Tulare County Office of Education
2637 W. Burrel Ave., P.O. Box 5091, Visalia, CA 93278-5091
phone: (559) 733-6300 • fax: (559) 627-5219
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