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Success Stories


Health Setbacks and moving out of state - no obstacles for Success

Edna called our agency as soon as she received her Ticket in the mail in April 2004. She was excited about the opportunities provided by the Ticket program and eager to return to work. Edna, age 41, had heart disease and was forced to leave her job as manager of an apartment complex in 2000. She underwent open-heart surgery in 2001. She says the disease forced her to live a healthier lifestyle and to manage stress, but the financial strain of living on SSDI created it's own stress, and she was getting depressed. Edna was ready to work again.

Edna met with a Ticket to Success Job Developer and assigned her Ticket on April 5, 2004. She was given several job leads and some job search tips, and began an active job search. Within one month she obtained a full time position at a local casino as a Cage Cashier. Unfortunately, she landed in the hospital after working about six weeks and had to leave the job. She was disappointed but also says the experience forced her to accept her disability and the fact that she had to seek employment that was less physical and slower-paced.

Within two months of her hospitalization, Edna moved to another state and began work as a Community Health Representative for an Indian tribal council. She assists seniors in monitoring their blood pressure, respiration, and/or glucose levels and provides information and referrals to services. She loves her job and has now been employed there for over one year! She completed the Trial Work Period and no longer receives SSDI checks. Her earnings (more then double the amount of her SSDI checks) helped eliminate financial stress and even allowed her to take a vacation. Edna is truly a success story.

submitted by Rhonda Souza (10/25/05)

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