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Success Stories


Success at returning to the workforce after 15 years!

Edward, 48 years old, worked as a manager of a farming company and had his commercial pilots license. Due to a knee injury, he developed severe degenerative arthritis of the knees. He went on SSDI for approximately 15 years, during which time he had more than 20 surgeries, including total knee replacements. After coming to terms with his medical condition and taking the necessary medications that would help him with health issues, he decided to use the Ticket to Work Program and try to return to work.

Edward signed up with A Ticket to Success on March 22, 2004. He was hired with a farming company on April 1, 2004 as a Manager. Edward took the job and demonstrated that with a little support he could be successful again. Edward used the Trial Work Period to his advantage and received 12 months of SSDI checks along with his paycheck of $4,500 per month.

Once he completed one year of work, he received a raise to $5000 per month. Now he has completed 18 months of successful work and is totally self-sufficient. Ed said, "I have days when my knees hurt really bad but I continue to work through it."

Edward has been an inspiration to us and other Ticketholders. Even after 15 years, his industry knowledge was still there and his ability to perform successfully was a very real possibility.

submitted by Linda Singleton (10/20/05)

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