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Success Stories


Eric Eric has been receiving social security disability since February 2002. In August 2012, he felt his disability had improved enough that he could possibly return to work. He contacted A Ticket to Success and learned that because he is a recipient of SSDI, he had many valuable work incentives available to him and he would not lose his benefits right away if he returned to work. Eric made a conscientious decision to assign his ticket that day. Eric had been out of the work force for 10 years, so his interviewing skills were rusty. His goal was to secure employment in warehouse purchasing and earn $10 an hour. Eric's job developer helped him to develop a professional resume to highlight his skills. Eric was provided with job leads almost daily. Each time Eric had a job interview, his job developer would meet with him prior to his interview and prepare him by doing a mock interview with him. The job developer gave Eric constructive feedback and praise after each mock interview. At first, Eric was very shy, but which each job interview, Eric's confidence grew. Eric began to believe the positive praise from his job developer, which resulted in him being able to market himself better to the employer during his interviews.

In February 2013, Eric secured a job exceeding his earnings goal as a purchasing and inventory clerk. Eric enjoys his work and, because he is working, he is able to provide a better quality of life for himself and his family. Eric is very glad he made the decision to sign up with A Ticket to Success. He has taken the initiative to seek out the best purchasing deals, therefore saving his employer money. His employer praised him for his efforts and told him he is doing a great job!

Eric received valuable benefits counseling again toward the end of his trial work period. He feels at peace knowing that he still has the Extended Period of Eligibility and Expedited Reinstatement available.

Eric shared that he found the mock interviews very helpful. He gained self-confidence which helped him to overcome his fear of group speaking. Eric highly recommends A Ticket to Success to others who want to go back to work.

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