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Success Stories


Job Sharing Solution Works

Roger, age 52, suffered a serious back injury in 1993 while working in the parts department of a local car dealership in a small town located 150 miles from Visalia. Over the next several years, Roger underwent three back surgeries, two hip replacement surgeries, and had surgery to control an aneurysm in his brain.

Roger always worked hard and couldn't stand staying home. He went back to work part time at his old job in 1999 but could no longer do many of the essential functions of his occupation. He was also afraid of losing his Medicare benefits if he worked too many hours.

He received his Ticket to Work in the mail in early 2004. He immediately called our Employment Network. I encouraged him to contact employment networks near his home, but there weren't any. We were the closest one on the list. He signed up for the Ticket program with our EN. He was able to convince his boss to let him return to work full time and to hire his 22-year-old son to do the heavy work that he could no longer do.

This job-sharing solution worked out well for both of them. Roger has now been working full time at the job he loves for 14 months. His son is also bringing in income to their household which helps make ends meet. Roger is now off of disability cash benefits completely. "I am so glad I no longer have to depend on my monthly check from Social Security" said Roger. "And I am able to assist my daughter with her college education".

Roger is a model Ticketholder and a great example to others. Although he is still in a lot of pain and has epidermal blocks every few months, he has stuck to his employment goal and we are very proud of him!

submitted by Karen Davidson (10/21/05)

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