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Student Life

University Preparatory High School All UPHS students will participate in academic courses designed to ensure the development of skills that will prepare them for success in college. UPHS students will participate in a variety of activities in addition to their core academic courses. These activities include mentoring, service-learning projects, and leadership and enrichment programs.

In support of the school's academic atmosphere, UPHS students will observe an appropriate dress code. Students will be closely monitored while attending UPHS. Faculty and staff will determine when students have reached the level of personal maturity and academic readiness to concurrently enroll in college-level classes and to engage in a wider range of academic experiences.

UPHS students organize and participate in public presentations, including music, dance, dramatic performances and public art exhibits, all of which are held several times per year. UPHS students enjoy all of the extracurricular activities found at most high schools, such as fall and spring dances, pep rallies, parties, movie nights, field trips, academic competitions and sports. An active UPHS Student Council organizes a great variety of student activities and clubs. Clubs at UPHS include: Drama Club, Writers Guild, Robotics Club, Chess Club, Choir Club, Philosophy Club, Science Club and Christian Fellowship Club. UPHS students produce a beautiful, four-color yearbook and a school newspaper. Additionally, UPHS students visit colleges and universities throughout California to gain insight into college admission requirements and strategies for college success.

University Preparatory High School

View our School Newspaper: The Bamboozle

View our Literary Magazine: The Panda Expressive

UPHS Clubs

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