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Early Childhood Education Program

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Early Childhood Education Program

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Early Childhood Education Logo The Tulare County Early Childhood Education Program (TCECEP), under the umbrella of the Tulare County Office of Education, is the Head Start and State Preschool agency that coordinates child care and child development services to low-income families in Tulare County.

TCECEP operates varied services using co-located funds from federal, state and local funding sources. Services include:
  • Child development centers
  • Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant/Seasonal Head Start services
  • A home-based program
  • Connections for Quality Care and Resource & Referral programs that help parents and private child care providers
  • A family child care network that serves state migrant families
  • Alternative payment programs that pay for child care services.

The majority of children in the child development centers and Home Based programs are 3- to 5-year-olds. However, Early Head Start serves children 0-3 and the alternative payment program serves up to 11- to 12-year-olds. Families in Head Start programs also receive support services which include health, nutrition, parent involvement, social services, special needs services and training/technical assistance.

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Total Head Start and State Preschool slots 2,632
Head Start (ages 3-5) 1,766
Center based 1,082
Home Based 684
Head Start (ages 0-3) 200
Center based 72
Home Based 83
Great Expectations (pre-natal) 45
ARRA expansion (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act)
Toddlers at La Sierra Child Development Center 16
Migrant/Seasonal Head Start (center based) 90
State funded (center based) 536
Tule Tribal Council (at Tule Child Development Center) 24

For 2011, 1,561 preschool children (51% of the total 3,048 3- and 4-year-old enrollees) transitioned into Tulare County kindergartens.

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Total enrollment for Connections for Quality Care 2,158
CAPP (State Alternative Payment Program) 462
CalWORKS Stage 2 (Subsidized Child Care for Public Assistance Enrollees) 1,085
CalWORKS Stage 3 (Subsidized Child Care for Public Assistance Enrollees) 417
Porterville College Alternative Payment 0
SMFCCN (State Migrant Family Child Care Network) 119
SFCCN (State Family Child Care Network) 75

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Number of child care centers 25
Number of classrooms 76
Number of staff 450
Budget $42.8 million
In-kind donations $4.7 million

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How to contact us

Tulare County Office of Education
Early Childhood Education Program
7000 Doe Avenue, Suite C
Visalia, CA 93291

Main Office
Phone: (559) 651-3022
Fax: (559) 651-3802
Connections for Quality Care
Phone: (559) 651-3026 or (800) 675-3026
Fax: (559) 651-2465
Resource & Referral Library
Phone: (559) 651-0862 or (800) 613-6262
Fax: (559) 651-2427
Family Child Care Network
Phone: (559) 651-0862 or (800) 613-6262
Fax: (559) 651-2427

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The Tulare County Early Childhood Education Program provides children and families quality comprehensive services, tools, and skills that build overall success in school and throughout life.


The Tulare County Early Childhood Education Program, in partnership with families and community, improves the lives of children by providing quality, comprehensive child development services which include: education, health, nutrition and mental health. We are a culturally diverse and inclusive program of caring professionals dedicated to serving families and children.

Our mission is accomplished by collaborating with parents in the operation and administration of the program and by supporting the growth of children, families and staff through encouragement, nurturing, education and empowerment.


We, the staff and providers of the Early Childhood Education, are committed to providing the very best care possible for each child enrolled in the program.

We believe that we offer a program in which all children, including those with disabilities can learn.

We believe our role, as parents, educators, and providers, is to protect, nurture, and ensure the future by honoring children as our most valuable resource.

We believe that parents and guardians are the most significant adults in a childís life.

We respect a parentís knowledge and seek to honor their wishes.

We believe that parents, staff and providers are partners, working together to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate, and skill-building experiences for the child.

We believe that building trusting, collaborative relationships with parents is the foundation of quality services. Working together with families is essential to the success of the program. Staff and providers work to foster respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and caregivers.

We foster open communication and promote relationships that build upon the cultures of families and strive to develop respect and cross-cultural understanding among children and parents.

We are proud that the staff, providers, and program reflect not only the world around us, but also challenge bias and honor all people.

We believe that positive self-esteem is the strongest foundation for any kind of learning and socializing.

We believe that a childís development is promoted through exploration, making choices, experimenting and interacting with others in an environment that is responsive to the developmental stage and needs of the child. With support from a caring adult, each child is encouraged to work toward the level for which they are ready.

We believe that these early experiences, including the development of school readiness skills provide a healthy foundation for lifelong learning.

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Tulare County Office of Education
Early Childhood Education Program
7000 Doe Avenue, Suite C, Visalia, CA 93291

Julie Berk, Administrator
(559) 651-3022 • fax: (559) 651-3802

Jim Vidak, County Superintendent of Schools
Tulare County Office of Education
All mail to: P.O. Box 5091, Visalia, CA 93278-5091
Physical address: 6200 S. Mooney Blvd., Visalia, CA
phone: (559) 733-6300 • fax: (559) 737-4378

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