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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week 2018 was a huge success!

Thanks to our many generous donors and to everyone who participated in the week's events, a sizeable check in the amount of


will be forwarded to UC Merced/SCICON Field Station. For its $5,000 donation, the employees of the Tulare County Office of Education will be recognized on a plaque at the site as a Field Station Bronze Sponsor, along with numerous other supporters.

TCOE employees, you are the greatest!

Thanks for your participation in Red Ribbon Week 2018. We look forward to bringing you even more new and exciting ways to participate during Red Ribbon Week 2019. Come join the fun next October!

Your 2018 Red Ribbon Committee:
Jennifer Fisher (chair), Therese Arnold, Perla Arredondo, Jaime Burnitzki, Vicky Contreras, Perla Estrada, Allie Gutierrez, Ivette Lopez, Rachel Nuñez, Maria Ochoa, Margarita Quintana, Alma Rooney, Jessikah Saechao, Dawn Sampson Padilla, Yesenia Tadeo, Taurie Thayer, Michelle Trevino, Makena Tyler, Erica Villarreal, Lorena White, and Azulie Wilson

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