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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can SCICON accommodate for a conference?
Maximum meeting capacity (for meetings only) is 300.
Maximum dining capacity is 250.
Maximum sleeping capacity in student cabins (bunkbeds) is 216.
Maximum sleeping capacity in semi-private rooms is 51.

What is the minimum group size for a conference?
Generally, the minimum group size for a conference is 35 persons, and if actual attendance falls below 35, the conference group will be charged for 35 attendees. Groups below 35 persons are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire, and we will try to accommodate your group.

The SCICON campus is large enough to accommodate more than one conference group at the same time, and this may occur. We will work with you to ensure that all groups using SCICON have a successful experience.

Is a deposit required?
A deposit may be required for new groups. Your custom quote will specify the amount and details if a deposit is required. All conference groups must furnish a proof-of-insurance certificate in the amount of $300,000.
If you need help finding event insurance, please contact us.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Once a signed conference contract is in place, cancellation fees will be invoked as follows:
  • 10% of the minimum fee for every contract signed that is cancelled.
  • 20% of the minimum fee for every contract signed if cancelled less than 30 calendar days before the conference.
  • 20% of the minimum fee for any extended (week-long) conference cancelled less than 60 calendar days before the conference.

Will there be someone on hand to help us if we have questions while we're there?
SCICON will provide a host for all conference groups.

What is provided in the sleeping quarters?
Beds have comfortable foam mattresses. Conferees will need to bring their own linen or bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, etc.

What is the elevation of SCICON?

What are the temperatures at SCICON?
High Temps Low Temps Comments
Fall 60-90 30-50 Beautiful color in the trees in November and December.
Winter 40-70 20-40 When there's fog in the valley, there are blue skies and sunshine at SCICON.
Spring 60-90 30-40 Green grass and abundant wildflowers.
Summer 80-100 50-70 SCICON is usually about 5-7 degrees cooler than the Central Valley.

Does it snow at SCICON?
Rarely, and if it does snow, it's just a few inches.

Are there fireplaces in the cabins?
There are two fireplaces which can be used. There is a beautiful rock fireplace in the John Muir Lodge meeting area which is gas-fired. There is a wood-burning fireplace in the Exeter House. Wood is provided out back. All other fireplaces should not be used.

Can we prepare our own meals?
SCICON has limited facilities for conferees to prepare meals. Please inquire for details. Groups may use the barbecue facilities at Lions Arbor, Eagle Point Arbor and at the John Muir Lodge upon approval prior to conference. Groups must furnish their own briquettes and lighter fluid. The SCICON kitchen can only be used by the SCICON professional food service staff. The Eagle Point Arbor can be used for SCICON-prepared meals or professional caterer use.

May we bring our own snacks or treats?
Conference groups may bring their own snacks, but the snacks must be kept in a central approved area. Please discuss location of the snacks with the SCICON conference host upon arrival. Food, drinks, and snacks are not allowed in the individual cabins or overnight accommodations.

Can we serve alcohol at our welcome reception or with meals?
SCICON is a public school facility and enforces a "No-alcohol and tobacco-free campus" policy.

Is there an area for arts and crafts?
Yes, there are areas for arts and crafts. Please discuss these needs with the SCICON office in advance. Painting and sign-making must only be done in areas designated for painting.

Can some of our conference group camp or stay in RVs?
Camping is only allowed with very large conference groups that are looking for additional sleeping capacity. The camping option must be discussed with SCICON staff when booking the conference. There is limited space for RVs to park. Again, this option needs to be discussed when arranging the conference.

Can our group have a campfire at SCICON?
Campfires are permitted at Barton Amphitheatre and Eagle Point Amphitheatre with prior approval. Campfires may be restricted or prohibited due to seasonal fire danger.

What is the charge for visitors who just come for the day during a weekend/overnight conference?
If there is a possibility that some of your conferees will not be spending the night, please discuss this with the SCICON office. Day-only visitors will be charged the day-use fee plus meals eaten.

Is there a youth rate for the Semi-private Housing?
There is not a reduced fee for youth/children staying in the Semi-private Housing. It is recommended that youth and/or families with children stay in the Student Cabins.

Can I use my cell phone at SCICON or is there a phone I can use while attending a conference?
The Springville area, including SCICON, is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is served exclusively by the AT&T network. Mobile devices on other networks will not work at SCICON. There is a land-line phone available for emergencies only. Attendees may use SCICON's free high-speed internet access for communication.

Where do we park our cars?
All personal cars must be parked in the visitor parking lot. A conference group may designate one or two "conference vehicles" for use of moving conference-related equipment. The conference vehicles may be parked in or near the meeting areas.

What are the driving times to SCICON?
from Visalia - 1 hour
from Fresno - 2 hours
from Sacramento - 5 hours
from Bakersfield - 1.5 hours
from Los Angeles - 3.5 hours
SCICON Conference & Retreat Facilities

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