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Tulare County Regional Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Code of Ethics

Student participants are expected to compete in tournament events with an honest effort to follow the rules and the spirit of that competition. The goal of competition is to give one's best effort while displaying honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Students, coaches, parents and guests are expected to display courtesy and respect toward Olympiad officials, other teams, and guests of the Olympiad.

Failure to show honesty and/or courtesy by a participant, coach, or guest of the team may result in the disqualification of the team from that event, the entire tournament or future tournaments.


Science Olympiad Pledge

Student: I pledge to put forth my best effort in the Science Olympiad and to uphold the principles of honest competition. In my events, I will compete with integrity, respect and sportsmanship toward my fellow competitors. I will display courtesy toward event supervisors, coaches, and tournament officials. My actions will exemplify the proud spirit of my school, team, region and state.

Coach: On behalf of the coaches, assistants and parents that are accompanying my team, I pledge to encourage honesty and respect for tournament personnel, our fellow coaches and other team members. We want our efforts to bring honor to our community and school.

Event Supervisor: On behalf of my fellow supervisors and tournament personnel, I pledge to run my event with fairness and respect for the participants and their coaches. Our actions will reflect the principles of the Science Olympiad program and display the pride we feel as representatives of our community.