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Tulare County Regional Science Olympiad

Home School Policy

adopted July 2006

The NorCal Regional Directors extend an invitation to the home school community to participate in the NorCal Science Olympiad competition. Home-school students are eligible to participate if they follow the guidelines below:
  1. Science Olympiad is a team activity, not an individual one; therefore, a student must be a member of only one team. A team consists of up to 15 students. Home-school students may participate in either B Division (grades 6-9) or C Division (grades 9-12). All students on the same team must be composed of students who work together on a regular basis prior to, and independent of, Science Olympiad.

  2. If a home-schooled student is also affiliated with any public or non-public school, the student may ONLY participate on one team and must choose between the home-schooled team and the public or non-public team. Public or non-public schools may have rules eliminating the participation of part-time students.

  3. A child's grade level equivalency will be determined by birth date. The child's grade level will be considered the same as the majority of other children of the same age level. For example, a child who will be 11 years old on September 1 will be considered to be a sixth grader. The child's age will determine whether the child is eligible for either B or C Division. A middle school-aged child (grades 6-9) may compete on a C Division team, but a C Division-aged child (grades 9-12) may not compete on a B Division team.

  4. The geographic area determines where a home-school team will compete. For example, if a team of home-school students from the Sacramento area were to compete, they would register for the Sacramento regional tournament.

  5. It is presumed that a home-school team will be composed of students who have a pre-existing relationship of working together on a regular basis. We will require a statement from the coach as to the nature of that relationship. An "all-star" team assembled by student abilities rather than by their pre-existing regular study relationship would not be allowed. Since this is a new aspect of the NorCal Science Olympiad, we may establish additional criteria as the home school activity materializes and unforeseen problems become known. Our desire is to provide this opportunity to as many students as possible while, at the same time, keeping the playing field level.
Membership is open to all schools and is in no way affected by race, religion, sex, or ethnic origin.