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California is experiencing a significant teacher shortage. To support local districts in filling teaching positions, the IMPACT Intern Program partners with a consortium of districts to recruit and train interns. Hiring interns becomes a viable option when districts are unable to hire fully credentialed teachers, and districts may employ interns as teachers-of-record only when the district can ensure that current certificated employees will not be displaced.  

IMPACT is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to deliver services under the Tulare County Office of Education’s New Teacher & Leadership Development (NTLD). Throughout the two-year program, interns are supported by program-assigned, practicum supervisors and district-assigned, on-site mentors. This comprehensive approach to teacher preparation engages interns in a rigorous teacher-training program, along with providing district-specific professional learning opportunities. 

Vision Statement

The vision of the IMPACT Intern Program is to inspire a community of teachers to create learning environments where every student's voice is valued, dreams are empowered, unique talents are cultivated, and full potential is revealed.

This photo shows a female teacher working with a female student.

2024 Spring RICA Prep Workshops - Written and Video Options

Teacher preparation candidates who need support with passing the RICA, look no further! Current participants in TCOE's IMPACT Program may attend for free. Candidates from other programs may attend for a nominal fee. All sessions are held on ZOOM from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Spring RICA Workshops - Written Option
Spring RICA Workshops - Video Performance Assessment Option

Areas served by the IMPACT Program

IMPACT partners with most districts in Tulare, Kings, and Fresno Counties. Districts in Kern County may be considered. Contact a program facilitator to learn which districts partner with the IMPACT Program.

Map of Counties Served by the IMPACT Program"Going through step-by-step really got me ready for teaching. The communication throughout the entire program was amazing. I was never having to guess what was coming or expected of me." 2023 Program Completer

IMPACT Instructor and Practicum Supervisor Positions -
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IMPACT Interns are Making a Difference

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Register for an IMPACT Program Information Meeting

For more information about the IMPACT Program, please attend an Information Meeting. Click on the flyer below for dates and the links to register.

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IMPACT Program Delivery Model

IMPACT courses are delivered as a hybrid model. Courses are held in-person, over ZOOM, and asynchronously. Interns attend courses two to three nights a week from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. over the two-year program. 


2024-2025 IMPACT Program Information Dates

IMPACT Program Pathway

Click on the graphic below to see how to earn a Preliminary Teaching Credential in 6 Steps.

Graphic of IMPACT Program Pathway 6 Steps to Becoming an Intern

IMPACT Program contact information

To reach IMPACT staff by phone, please call (559) 624-1035.

Multiple Subject Program

Michelle French, Program Facilitator
Tara Tobin, Recruitment Analyst

Single Subject Program

Michelle French, Program Facilitator
Perla Arredondo, Recruitment Analyst


Education Specialist Program

Kim Paz, Program Facilitator
Gabbi Barnes, Recruitment Analyst


CalTPA Coordinator

Alice Patterson, CalTPA Coordinator
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IMPACT Program Information

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Tuition Contracts and Payments

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