Poetry Out Loud Jr.

Poetry Out Loud Junior logoPoetry Out Loud Junior is a new event in Tulare County based on the National Poetry Out Loud event provided to high school students in the United States. Poetry Out Loud Junior was created to inspire middle school students to discover and appreciate poetry through memorization, performance and competition, with the hopes of continuing and growing those skills to later compete in the high school division of Poetry Out Loud.

As with the Poetry Out Loud high school competition, the junior competition begins in the classroom. Teachers will educate their students on poetry so they gain a better understanding of this writing style. Students will then choose poems from the Poetry Foundation archives that they resonate with. After practice, students will compete at a school competition, where a school champion will be crowned.

This champion will represent the school at the Tulare County Poetry Live event in February, where they will prepare two poems for recitation, and an additional for tie-breaking purposes only. Of the two poems, One of which must be 25 lines or fewer, and one must be written before the 20th century. One poem may meet both requirements to qualify.

The Poetry Out Loud Junior competition will honor the top 3 participants with an award, which will include a cash prize. The top student will be crowned the Tulare County Poetry Out Loud Junior champion. Students entering the Poetry Lout Loud Junior competition may also enter the Poet's Own Voice competition if they choose.
Event Details

Event flyer

School Registration Deadline
December 8, 2023

School Champion Registration Deadline
January 12, 2024

Media Release Form due
February 2, 2024

Poetry Live event
February 2, 2024
300 E. Oak, Visalia

Poetry Out Loud Junior Resources

Student Handbook - Coming Soon

Judging Rubric - Coming Soon

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