Tulare County Spelling Championship
2018 Tulare County Spelling Champions

Tulare County students compete in classroom and/or school-wide spelling bees at their school site. The top two students (one champion and one alternate) from each school are eligible to attend the countywide championship on March 1, 2022. Over 90 spellers are expected to compete.

This year, the event will be held at the Valley Strong Ballpark at 300 N.  Giddings St. in Visalia.  The public is welcome to attend. The champion will have the opportunity to go on to represent Tulare County at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Maryland in June 2022!

Spelling Bees - How do you spell w-o-r-t-h-w-h-i-l-e?

Let's help students improve their spelling skills and increase their vocabularies – all through the fun of spelling bees! There are many benefits from this fun activity.

Learning Grammar
Preparation for a bee is a comprehensive learning process that encourages children to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of words.

Enhancing Vocabulary
The valuable learning outcome of spelling bees result in children gaining competency in spelling and helps them to excel at reading and writing. the understanding of more words will allow children to become literate and enjoy reading a range of material.

Competitive Spirit
Spelling bees allow individuals to compete in a supportive environment. The brain activity and excitement that goes with a spelling bee is just as stimulating as a physical competition. A positive energy is created as students interact and cultivate friendships.

Greater Knowledge
Learning words can get students interested in tracing the origin of a word and its etymology. This information will enhance the knowledge base of a child, and motivate them to develop a keen interest in learning new words.

Cognitive Skills
The spelling bee will allow children to develop cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. The learning process enhances a child's memory and helps them develop better learning skills, which proves to be beneficial during higher education

A child's confidence level is usually boosted after entering into such competitions. A spelling bee helps them gain the confidence they need to speak in public and accept their mistakes, while also earning the applause their hard work deserves.

For more information about the Tulare County Spelling Championship, contact Nancy Bellin, TCOE Special Events Coordinator, at (559) 733-6734 or nancyb@tcoe.org.