Acorns to Oaks Planting Day
Create wildlife habitat and help animals by planting oak trees!
Acorns to Oaks Planting Day

Acorns to Oaks Planting Day
Saturday, November 19, 2022
12:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Circle J-Norris Ranch
41893 Yokohl Valley Rd.
Springville, CA 93265

Event Recommendations
• Bring a water bottle and snacks
• Wear old clothes that can get dirty
• Dress for cold weather
• We will be hiking
• Join us for a fun day

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For more information:
call (559) 539-2263 (Circle J landline)
call/text (559) 359-8575 (Circle J teacher cell)

We are continuing efforts to improve the habitat of Circle J’s oak woodland. Our goal is to establish wildlife habitat featuring 25 - 50 native oak saplings along a seasonal stream corridor. We will start with a light lunch, then we will take an easy one-mile hike through existing oak woodland to the planting area. We will demonstrate planting methods, then we'll form small teams to install Valley Oak and Live Oak seedlings and acorns into the restoration area. We'll protect the acorn and seedlings with leaf mulch, tree shelters and circular fences to deter herbivores from snacking on the oaks. When we have completed the planting, we will reflect on the importance of each person's effort and how oak trees are a keystone species in the environment, and then we'll hike up one mile to the pickup area.

The theme of our habitat planting events is "One person's actions can change the world" or "The power of one." We open each event with a question: "How have you helped your community?" and we listen to the ways in which students have helped. We transition to the idea that nature needs our help. The drought and climate change have wreaked havoc on the oak trees that are important to so many different wild creatures. Our work will help rebuild the oak community through the "power of one."

We invite families, students, and the public to join us in this restoration effort. Our goal is to bring together a group of people to perform this important work and to learn to reach out beyond themselves to be inclusive and take action to improve the environment.