Information for Coaches

History Day is an astonishing event. Students use all the skills they have learned in their educational journey to create a project that will knock your socks off. It's amazing because as they learn, people respond to them in magical ways. Famous people give video interviews. Students discover never before uncovered facts. Doors are open to them. They make lifelong friends. They fight causes. They change the world. They see how powerful knowledge is, and they want it.

History Day has the ability to change a student's life forever, for the better. As a coach, you are the one who encourages them. You are the person who asks, "What have you learned so far? Have you thought about…? How would you tweak it?" You are the person that reminds them that the exhibit, or poster, has to be a certain size. You are the one who marvels with their parents every time a new contact calls them.

If you are a history teacher and want to get involved in History Day, we encourage you to use some of the links below to learn more. The History Day process is great for all students, even those not participating in the county event.

Important information you need to know