Information for Parents
Does your child have leadership potential? Maybe your child or children don't play sports. Maybe they don't play a musical instrument. Maybe their grades aren't straight A's. Or maybe they are. Regardless, your child has the potential to be a leader through participation in the National History Day - Tulare County event. The theme for this year's History Day event is Rights & Responsibilities in History.

The National History Day - Tulare County event highlights what students learn about a topic they choose. With guidance from a teacher and your encouragement, students research an event or person in history that interests them. They interview people that are experts about their subject. They visit county and university libraries. They read books. They visit museums. They search the Internet. After several months, they have become the expert on their topic. Finally they prepare an entry for their school History Day event. They may build an exhibit. They might work with a friend and write a play and act it out. There are many ways to show what they have learned. You can ask your child's teacher for the rules.

At the History Day event, judges will interview your student. Adults who love history will recognize your child for all of their hard work.

Your student will learn how to research a topic thoroughly and write a bibliography. He or she will effectively express himself/herself in writing. In addition, he or she will learn interview skills. These skills are absolutely essential in finding and keeping a good job. Success in school hinges on competence in these skills. Any student can have access to these necessary attributes. Participation in History Day develops the skills of leadership.

Encourage your child to do a History Day project. Ask your child's teacher to tell you more about this exciting opportunity for your student to become a leader.