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Tulare County College Night Scholarship applications due April 5

Eric Nunes is a third-grade teacher at Palo Verde Union School. At 50 years old, one could assume that Nunes is a veteran educator with 25 years of teaching experience.

His story is quite different. Nunes, a third-generation dairyman, owned and operated Nunes Brothers Dairies with his cousins until 2016. While running the dairies, Nunes volunteered, coached, and substituted at his children’s schools. He enjoyed it, recalling that in high school he thought his Algebra II teacher had the coolest job in the world – he was both a math teacher and a coach.

Nunes’ story is one of several featured in the 2022-2023 Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) Annual Report, which was released to the Tulare County Board of Education and TCOE staff members last week. The report also includes reports on the work various TCOE programs performed last year, as well as four projects the organization is working on this year.

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