SCICON Health Center

The SCICON Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day while students are present at SCICON. SCICON maintains a well-stocked Health Center for student health care. Sierra View District Hospital is only 40 minutes away should an emergency arise. All student medications are collected and dispensed by the SCICON Nurse or appointed staff. Written permission from the child's physician and from the child's parents or guardians is required in order to dispense any medications (both prescription and non-prescription). Medication Request Forms are available for this purpose from your child's teacher. Prescription medications must have the original pharmacy label which states your child's name and dosage instructions, and should match what is on the doctor’s orders. Other medications must be labeled clearly with your child's name, school, content and instructions in unopened bottles.

The student health services at SCICON are directly under the supervision of School Health Programs of the Tulare County Office of Education. For health care questions, please call the SCICON Health Center at (559) 539-4007 or School Health Programs at (559) 651-0130.

SCICON Medical Conditions
Students with almost any medical condition have been able to attend the week-long SCICON program. Students with heart conditions, cancer, seizure disorders, diabetes, severe asthma, severe allergies, severe bed-wetting, and physical disabilities are continually successful at SCICON. Of course, pre-planning is important. First, talk with your child's classroom teacher to get an overall picture of the program and activities at SCICON. Secondly, discuss the trip with your child's physician. Have the physician complete Section II of the SCICON Student Registration Form. This will provide required written physician instructions for medications, special instructions or limitations (if necessary). Next, contact Denae Yager, R.N., the SCICON Nurse, at (559) 539-4007 or e-mail her at Advanced notice will give her time to plan and prepare for your child's stay. She will be happy to discuss the specifics of the program, schedule, housing and facilities in relation to your child.

Due to the complex nature of the SCICON Campus, the SCICON Nurse is required to be available during the week for immediate response to all students. Special care procedures for students and certain medical conditions may additionally require a cleared adult (whether a fingerprinted parent or a school-provided aide) to attend the week of SCICON with the student to assist with specialized care and medical management. Please contact the SCICON Health Center or your school site if your child requires routine specialized care procedures, overnight medication administration, seizures, diabetes, mobility concerns, or any other major medical concerns your child may have. 

E-mail any questions to SCICON Nurse, Denae Yager, R.N.
Going away from home for a week can be a challenging experience for a child of any age. Short-term separation from parents and learning independence are both a part of growing up. Many children will have some difficulty coping with the changes that come with going away to SCICON. This anxiety is perfectly normal; it is a common occurrence.

We would like to ask your help in preparing your child prior to coming to SCICON. Let them know that, although you will miss them, you have confidence in their ability to cope with the new lifestyle at SCICON. Help your child focus on the positive aspects of SCICON: the new friends they will make, the many activities they will enjoy, and how proud you will be of them when they succeed. If your child has never spent the night away from home and family, you can help prepare them by having them spend a night at a friend's house or a weekend at a relative's house. Also, plan on attending one of the SCICON Open Houses or the SCICON BBQ & Wildflower Festival in April to share the SCICON experience with them.

Our staff is prepared to keep your child so busy having fun and learning about science and nature that they will not often think of home. Phone calls are not helpful, as they turn the students' thoughts back to home rather than keeping their focus on their activities and friends at SCICON. Telling your child that you will pick them up if they cannot make it only sets them up for failure.

If you have any special concerns about your child, please contact Denae Yager, R.N., the SCICON Nurse, at or by calling (559) 539-4007.