Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hearing-impaired children in Tulare County are provided service through a variety of options.

Once identified, infants through toddlers of 36 months with a hearing loss are served in the Bright Start Parent Infant Program. Newly-referred families will be scheduled to meet with an intervention team to learn about the educational options to develop the child's communication skills and to support the family in achieving that goal. This team, which may include our Board-Certified Audiologist, Deaf & Hard of Hearing teacher, and Speech & Language specialist, will share information and resources with the family. Together they map out a plan for obtaining amplification (if desired) and initiating appropriate therapy in the home environment. Early, optimal amplification allows a child to make progress in language development.

For school-aged children enrolled in a district general education classroom, our teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing will collaborate with the classroom teacher and Related Services staff to determine any further needs, such as the use of a Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) system or an educational interpreter for a signing student.

The Hearing Center provides audiological support by staffing a full-time Board Certified Audiologist who conducts hearing evaluations and customizes amplification systems. For many students, the use of assistive technologies such as a HAT system allows them to successfully process speech within the classroom and succeed in becoming an advocate for their own academic needs.

TCOE Hearing Center
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